♫♪  Florian Kupfer - “Sad Edit”

Florian Kupfer has been on a straight up tear lately. After dropping a 12-inch entitled I Feel You on WT Records no more than a month ago and playing several live shows around Australia and Europe in the meantime, he still takes time to crank out the sort of low-key-yet-groovy house numbers he’s known to make. Case in point: “Sad Edit” — which he released earlier this month on his SoundCloud. Starting with some ethereal synth textures tucked deep in the mix, held in orbit by a four-on-the-floor kick-/hi-hat beat, all of which is set the fuck off by a cryptic Sade vocal sample and accompanying keyboard juts. From this simple set of components Kupfer concocts one of the most “sweet,” “oh hell yeah,” and “fuck. yes.” tracks of the year so far. For fans of Terekke, fog machines, or cigarettes — y’know, the good shit.

If you’re in Paris or Berlin, you have a chance to see Kupfer live with WT Records honcho Willie Burns on the 27 or 28 of this month, respectively. Also, if you live in Paris or Berlin, will you marry me, so that I can get EU citizenship? I’m a catch, C Monster can vouch for me! [Editor’s Note: This text was sent from my fiancée after she saw a picture of Papaya’s specialty pasta dish he cooked for me on Tuesday: “Handsome and a cook. What a catch! We’ve a keeper on our hands.” Somebody knock him up into dual citizenship.]

• Florian Kupfer: https://soundcloud.com/kupfer

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