♫♪  Flux Bikes/Sueñolas - Flux Bikes/Sueñolas

“Hey, check out that hat over there. Wait a minute, that’s not a hat. That’s a new double cassette of two separate yet concurrent projects from that talented individual, Rob Frye, the first being Flux Bikes, his relaxed and repetitive solo endevour featuring the percussive use of bicyle wheels and frame, not to mention some “ZONE” loops to boot. The second, you ask? Why, I’ll tell you, my new acquaintance. That would be Sueñolas, which features violinest Whitney Johnson and guitarist Bill MacKay meditatively jamming with the aforementioned Rob Frye. Both cassettes are enlightening experiences, to be sure. Now come, let us fight!” - someone at some point, pre-barfight

“You know, as a multi-instrumentalist and a human being named Rob Frye, I gotta admit that I 100% made this tape. What was your social security number by the way?” - Rob Frye’s evil twin trying to trick me into giving him my social security number

“…What?” - Ron Frye after I told him I met his evil twin, who tried to scam me

In more serious news, this toasty double reel-deal dropped last week on Lake Paradise Records in a comfortable edition of 100 cassettes. Fuck with it here, and listen to the A side below.

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