♫♪  Fog Lake - “Rattlesnake” / “Strung Back Around”

Fresh from the release of last year’s incredible Victoria Park on Orchid Tapes, Newfoundland native Aaron Powell has been slowly gearing up for the latest LP from his bedroom pop project, Fog Lake. After premiering “Rattlesnake” with Chart Attack this past week, Powell has offered up another free single, “Strung Back Around,” on his Bandcamp, where both tracks are currently name-your-price with of course donations encouraged. The album grew out of the basement of Powell’s new home and the two singles bellow and sway in a sea of hazy melancholia, with barren guitar tones and fragile vocals breathing a soft sensitivity into the mix. The tracks chronicle bad habits and recurrent self-medication through drinks, drugs, pharmaceuticals — even our own expectations in the endless purgatorial turbulence of a lifetime.

The album drops this coming fall on Orchid Tapes as the band heads out on a North American tour with Marine Dreams and potentially the rest of the Orchid Tapes crew. Check out the singles below:

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