♫♪  Foodman - Moriyama

Foodman is, as always, everywhere we turn. Just a few months ago, he released a full-length album on Sun Araw’s Sun Ark Records and he’s already back with a new 5-track LP for Palto Flats.

In the past few years, Palto has released records from canonical artists like Woo and Midori Takada and their reissue of Mariah’s Utakata No Hibi basically canonized that album forever after. Having the already legendary Foodman added to their slow but steady roster feels both natural and thrilling.

The sounds on Moriyama are what Foodman has worked to make us know and love. An archaeologist of the future, he pieces together what will have been thought. To listen is to inch along the edges of these sounds as along a winding path encircling a high mountain, forever in awe, questing closer and closer to the peak of the producer’s lush and lively sonic universe.

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