This week on Sun Araw’s Second System Vision Radio featured Dublab show, Spencer Clark (back from Australia; still in Australia) played two pieces: PINHEAD IN FANTASIA: THE OPERA & DARTH MAUL AQUARIUM HEAD-SCRATCHERS. THE OPERA bit is pretty much the entirety of Pinhead in Fantasia (TMT Review), with an added overture by Charles Berlitz (I believe) and Pinhead himself, and some bits extended from the original [side-note, if you haven’t fucked with the Pacity Soundvisions Bandcamp yet, get in and get twisted, please]! Side-B,DARTH MAUL AQUARIUM HEAD-SCRATCHERS, consists of raw-sampled material I’ve never heard this clearly from Spencer Clark before. Very excited if he escaped the Cenobite kingdom, but I’m not sure if I’m ready to leave yet.

My Angelfire html fuckery doesn’t get my hack level high enough to find an embedding for Fourth World Magazine’s PINHEAD IN FANTASIA: THE OPERA & DARTH MAUL AQUARIUM HEAD-SCRATCHERS on the Dublab site, but find the MP3 is here to download into infinity. Make a memory this Wednesday!

• Fourth World Magazine: http://pacificitysoundvisions.com
• Spencer Clark: http://pacificitysoundvisions.com
• Charles Berlitz: http://pacificitysoundvisions.com
• Pacificity Soundvisions: http://pacificitysoundvisions.com

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