Francis Bebey
African Electronic Music 1975-1982 [album stream]

What happens when you work for free? You dream of escaping to somewhere exotic while working for free! Sometimes thoughts of escaping are essential. But with the internet, this notion is weird, since escaping within the internet is both a place to find where to escape to and where you want to burn down. Can’t burn down the internet, th’oh. However, if you found African Electronic Music 1975-1982 on the internet, which here you are doing exactly that, buy and download it so you can escape the reality of driving home. And what an escape it is. Not only is this shit FUCKING clever (@”NewTrack”), but it’s both African flavored and (mostly, I believe) sung in French. Yeah, I get why it’s French and African, but it’s beautiful and a delight to run to when you down on travel dough.

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