Friendzone feat. Mykki Blanco
“Who Wanna Rumble”

You know how they say “Guile’s Theme” goes with everything? Pretty sure the same logic applies to this new collaborative cut by Mykki Blanco and cloud-rap production duo Friendzone. “Who Wanna Rumble” carries on the cheeseball legacy of the Rocky era, with a 16-bit beat that sounds awesome regardless of whatever you’re doing at the time. Whether you’re tailgating that SUV with the annoying stick-family decals, driving to the dentist’s office for a root canal, or just hanging out at the office, the combination of Blanco’s goofy threats (Sharknado’s got nothing on Hurricane Blanco) and Friendzone’s arcade-ready beats proves satisfying in any situation. Best of all, it’s part of the Adult Swim Singles Program, which means it’s FREE! So snag it starting July 8, and enjoy feeling like a Street Fighter character for three and a half minutes.

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