♫♪  The Fun Years - “Trash Can Lava Flow”

Until this point we were just sitting there, each of us awkwardly waiting for the other to begin. We would look each other in the eye, then look away, understanding that we each faced different and difficult obstacles to our communion, knowing that we needed this Heart to Heart About Our Values. I think it crossed each of our minds at one point or another whether we would ever reach that point of connection.

Then it all happened at once. The light twinkled in the darkness of our uncertainty, sparks igniting a path through the incomprehensible doubt, liquefying with its passage the seemingly unmovable weight that anchored our hopes. Spreading its glow through every molecule of our bodies, the light burst in a prismatic array of color and depth that rendered every other thing meaningless. Including whatever was obstructing us in the first place, whatever was holding us apart, whatever had prompted A Heart to Heart About Our Values.

The light lit up the night sky, and, satisfied, we moved on, from inward to outward — way outward — two spirits testing the limits of this new future.

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