Funkmaster Flex
“Who You Mad At? Me Or Yourself?”

A greater portion of Funk Master Flex’s career has consisted of crusades. Sometimes these crusades are directed against so-called “bubblegum” rap (*ahem*), and sometimes they take aims at rival DJs. In either case, music websites tend to use the same “You Mad?” photo. And fittingly enough, “You Mad?” plays an active role in FMF’s latest call to arms, the intro to Who You Mad At? Me or Yourself, a massive, 55-song monster of a mixtape.

Fellow real talker Loopy Blogger tells it hows he sees it, calling out fat guys who give their girlfriends liposuction, rappers who depend on fluff, and audiences that prefer dumbed-down pop to real dopeness (he also squeezes in a plug for Flex’s new smartphone app, available NOW!!). To back up his arguments, Flex has recruited a veritable brigade of big names that’s way too long to post here. But let me just say that I don’t think you’re going to be able to find a tape containing Cam’ron/Lil Wayne collabs, Smoke DZA chillouts, and Action Bronson cookouts anywhere else on the web. The notorious “Funk Master Flex” soundbite will be burned into your brain by the end of this, but you won’t notice, thanks to the varied offerings and the oddball banter — like the jokey growls that start off J Cole’s “Maine on Fire” (a track which, despite the title, is not all about arson in the Pine Tree State.) There’s a lot of trolling going on, but it’s rooted in a desire for hip-hop truth. Just keepin’ it real.

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