♫♪  Future City Love Stories - Future City Love Stories

Yo, have a panic attack at work and pass out during the morning meeting. People be mad attentive of your situation, but you never been closer to this person (physically) before. But it’s like —what else do I gotta give rn. Get medical help. It’s weird people saw you in a situation you ain’t never been in personally before. As far as you know. And stress is running on EMPTY. Where are YOU?

Co-workers order y’all family a pizza-PIE! I can eat, but “Get Well Soon?” Comfort food met with a hostile slice of stress. Where’s the credit card?. Co-worker doesn’t have the credit card and is to “Get Well Soon” due to stress-related circumstances. So the company ordered an employee a punching bag.

Future City Love Stories (a.k.a. HKE) are a blur in BLCR Laboratories discography. But a blur that remains in the memory like a shaking sunspot from above. Writhe:

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