♫♪  Future Hunter - The Fringes of Occupied Space [album stream]

It’s been a while since I’ve heard something as dark and creepy as it is warm and comforting. It’s also been a while since I’ve let my mind be melted by Future Hunter. Funny how life’s little dilemmas just end up solving themselves on their own — below this paragraph are three new tracks from Brooklyn’s Matthew Taplinger (this time joined by someone named R. Muller) that delve into the deepest corner of the human psyche, pick around inside your brain, give your subconscious an adequate spook, then carry your ego out into the stratosphere to swim with the stars. Found sounds, synths, guitar, bass, percussion, and probably a bunch of stuff it’d be silly for me to try and pinpoint flood this music without overwhelming the mix. Nice use of stereo space, otherworldly reverberations and effects, sandstorms of static, weirdo blip-accompaniments, and more: the most sinister of psychedelia is here for stimulating the senses of the undead (and the living too, I guess).

• Future Hunter: http://futurehunter.bandcamp.com

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