♫♪  Future Islands - “The Chase”

Happy Record Store Day! Happy, uhh, a few days ago! Maybe you got something good, maybe you stayed home and played the Playstation 1 classic Klonoa: Door To Phantomile, like some people. Future Islands spent theirs at Abbey Road Studios, a recording studio in London that is extremely famous for whatever reason. The group pushed past groups of excited dads and their bored children to record their new single “The Chase” directly to vinyl for a very, very limited Record Store day release.

The Baltimore group recorded live in the facility’s Studio Three, where the audio was sent from the mixing desk by engineer Paul Pritchard to one of the studio’s vinyl cutting lathes, then cut directly to disc by mastering engineer Christian Wright. And that, friends, is how a single copy of a new Future Islands song is born. Once finished, the record was sent directly to Tiny Mix Tapes writer Eric J. Nagurney. Thanks, guys! Just kidding, it was sent to Seismic Records in Leamington Spa, UK, who won the record as part of a raffle. They will probably either keep it as a collector’s item or sell it to someone with money.

This leaves us, the poor masses. How can we hear this new Future Islands song? Answer provided: we can hear it by listening to this episode of Mary Anne Hobbs’s BBC Radio 6 Music Show, in which the song appears at around 2 hours and 19 minutes. There is also an interview with Future Islands, likely talking about how much they’d love to send the record to their favorite TMT writer, but paperwork, red tape, shipping costs, etc.

• Future Islands: http://www.future-islands.com

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