♫♪  Future Punx - “I’m So Inspired”

The future is here, punk! Both the punk musicians afraid of MIDI and the electronic musicians afraid of guitars can eat their respective shorts, as Brooklyn’s Future Punx bust into 2015 givin’ smell-ya-laters to all the haters. OK, so this track came out in 2014, but since the vibe is 2043, being a couple months late on this write-up isn’t really such a big deal. The punkers dropped a four-track EP towards the end of last year, entitled I’m So Inspired, whose title track RIPS from start to finish.

“I’m So Inspired” clocks in at seven minutes, but feels like a minute and a half. After a taste of the double-layered vocals, distorted guitar stabs and can’t-not-wiggle bass line, one would be tempted to classify it as no-wave, new-wave, or perhaps post-punk. But you would be sorely, sorely mistaken. This is POST-WAVE. Taking elements from all these genres, but adding a distinctly now (a.k.a. tomorrow) vibe, FPX Twigs are the reason that everyone at that PLUR alien-welcoming roof party in Independence Day was raging as hard as they were. If you’re still living in 2015 you’re behind the fuckin’ times!!

The track’s layers casually but forcefully enter the track like VIP club goers skipping the line, walking straight past the velvet rope and through the door. Equal parts digital and live instrumentation combine in charming and subtle ways, no one stealing the limelight for more than a second or two, everyone’s priority being what it should have never ceased to be: grooving, hard. The live drums and guitar give this track a big edge over similar material. The 4/4 beat helps the track stay effortlessly danceable, while the introduction of instruments that aren’t totally locked into that (and are aware of their freedom to move around) help take it places other instrumental setups aren’t allowed to go. Like bishops on a chess board combining with the knights and rooks to trap the opponent’s king, every instrument here makes use of its unique advantages to push the overall objective forward: getting YOUR stiff ass moving.

You’ll try office yoga and cross fit, but you won’t dance at a show? What can I say? Deeply ashamed of u bro. But we can rectify all that with a few simple clicks on the Dull Tools Bandcamp, where the EP is for sale digitally and in futuristic vinyl. Up the Punx!

• Future Punx: http://futurepunx.bandcamp.com
• Dull Tools: http://dulltools.bandcamp.com

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