♫♪  A. G. Cook x TRONICBOX x Justin Bieber - “Whaaat 85”

Artwork: Timothy Luke


This is a story about two musicians who live inside the hole of a wall: TRONICBOX and Justin Beiber.

TRONICBOX is seen trying to get a glowstick from a trap within the hole in the wall. He lunges to do so, but after the dust clears, he comes out lying with a broken leg.

TRONICBOX pleads to Justin as he looks out through the hole and sees a first aid kit in the distance. Justin is about to lunge out when A. G. Cook spots him. That scares Justin, but he manages to go out anyway. A. G. Cook ends up chasing him around the house, but Justin eventually gets the first aid kit.

As he is about to return to the hole, he looks back and A. G. Cook pounces on him. The kit flies through the open hole. TRONICBOX looks up and sees Justin’s lifeless body flung outside the open hole. A. G. Cook picks Justin up and trots away.

TRONICBOX becomes enraged and grabs the first aid and glowstick, as he agonizes toward the outside of the hole. As he does this, he lets out a loud squeal. A. G. Cook ends up returning and is about to strike, when TRONICBOX uses all the energy he has left to pounce on the first aid ointment, which squirts into A. G. Cook’s mouth.

Hacking from the ointment, A. G. Cook decides not to kill TRONICBOX. He instead picks up the glowstick and gives it to TRONICBOX as a peace offering. TRONICBOX accepts.

A. G. Cook then says, “Welp, that’s that, right?” TRONICBOX asks “What do you mean?” A. G. shows him what he means, the two laughing together as if nothing had happened at all.

TRONICBOX + Justin Bieber + A. G. Cook:

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