♫♪  G Sudden and Bookfa - “DPPY004 in Jamaica” [preview doc]

Comin’ attcha once again. It’s a after-hours at TMT too. But fuck it all. I’m still at work waiting for my ride wishin’ I were there in Jamaica with homies (and Duppy Gun founders) M. Geddes Gengras and Cameron Stallones. This time, they went to Spanish Town and Portmore with produced instrumentals from GENESIS HULL (Alex Gray of D/P/I) and NICE-A-BUNKS (Aaron Coyes of Peaking Lights), and recorded the hottest of fire from G-Sudden and Bookfa. The two songs, “Girls Dem Need Mi” and “PRESS BOOKFA PRESS,” recorded that day have been released on a 12-inch as part of the Duppy Gun series via Stones Throw. Scope out the short video above and find them releases at the links below.

• Duppy Gun: http://sunaraw.com/duppygun.html
• Duppy Gun: https://www.stonesthrow.com/duppygun

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