♫♪  Gareth Davis & Frances-Marie Uitti - “Stained”

On May 4, Miasmah Records will release yet another agonizingly beautiful record. This time it’s from clarinet extraordinaire Gareth Davis and cello virtuoso Frances-Marie Uitti. They have released a track called “Stained” from their upcoming album Gramercy. The torturously delicate first six minutes seem as if we are simply overhearing the two musicians faintly fiddle with their instruments, until the passionate scraping and fluttering climaxes in a brief episode of chaos, the noise eventually settling back into the initial distant meditation. According to the blurb provided by the label, we learn that Uitti supposedly plays with two bows in one hand and that Davis is quite the coffee connoisseur. Fascinating.

• Gareth Davis: http://tinyurl.com/6sux9ub
• Frances-Marie Uitti: http://www.uitti.org
• Miasmah: http://www.miasmah.com/recordings/cat.html

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