♫♪  The Garment District - “The Feral Surfers”

Whatever wave you’re riding, The Garment District will tint it purple-green with the “The Feral Surfers.” Cut with menacing keys and wash-out stark guitar, backed by a beat that just remains, “The Feral Surfers” hang-ten with the grimiest hang-loose hand gestures. Barnacle boards helping them defend against on-coming sharks or other surfers swimming in the water. Seaweed-woven clothes that have dried to parts of their tan, leather skins. Naturally knotted sun-bleached dreadlocks. Some using seashells in place of missing teeth. Occultist fans waving from the shore. “The Feral Surfers” pull a mean hang-10 in total The Garment District fashion.

The Garment District just popped Luminous Toxin on Kendra Steiner Editions, featuring single “The Feral Surfers.” Grip it NOW for a spin and flex on “The Feral Surfers” below before the new album arrives:

• The Garment District: https://soundcloud.com/thegarmentdistrict
• Kendra Steiner Editions: https://kendrasteinereditions.wordpress.com

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