♫♪  Gem Jones - “You Don’t Have to Bleed”

Is it misogynist to think “You Don’t Have to Bleed” is Gem Jones’ love song to a fair lady? Via future-blues — with a touch of that 90s brass/funk feel that Gem is known to us and perfect in each new track — he’s trying to satiate is lady in terms of monthly menstrual cycles by lightly suggesting surgery (probably for them both) to remove the function of having children. Maybe. Not that this is any different from his typical psychotic –ness (maybe in terms of the Mantle Twins vs. Patrick Bateman), but potentially he just killed someone, either on accident or purpose or conscious or jilted, and is trying to pool their blood in his hands and funnel it back into a wound fauceting blood.

Screeching his voice through both processes, losing grip of reality just slightly more, retracting in a zone that realms chaos as a play land of sharp candy daggers and gumdrop bullets and abortion jellies, hammerhead penises pickling in jars, pussies in sarcophagi, Ye on a cross and Gem playing a show just for him, hour after hour, and it only consists of “You Don’t Have to Bleed” on repeat, each time getting longer than the last; each time a spear in Ye’s side for each time he begged the public to call him a “creative genius.” Only to snap out of that dimension of thought, awake on a mattress in some basement you found in an abandoned house at the end of town, crust in his mouth, eyes, nose, and hair from maybe three months ago, and a dog barking aggressively outside. And over and over again in Gem’s head “You Don’t Have to Bleed” rings like an unending swansong of pitch bending psychosis. Enjoy it yourself below, and head on over to Night People to grip Jones’ second tape on the vet label:

• Gem Jones: http://gemjonesia.bandcamp.com
• Night People: http://raccoo-oo-oon.org/np

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