♫♪  Gem Trails - “Cashed Out For Real”

Imagine the world a couple hundred thousand years in the future. Long after Mt. Rainier spews its grungy lava all over the Pacific Northwest; centuries after continents have blown each other to smithereens over ideological differences; once the ice caps melt and drown the rest of humanity; when the only surviving Earthling creatures are bed bugs and cockroaches and sea urchins; this is when aliens discover our planet. These extra-terrestrial beings are curious and want to know what’s up. So they begin to dig. They find skyscrapers, iPods, smart cars, skateboards, and layers and layers of junk/treasures.

The gems of Earth with be very different in the distant future, which is exactly what Brooklyn musician Gem Trails is looking to help develop, utilizing rumbling futuristic bass tones that shift beneath the surface of first single “Cashed Out For Real” from the upcoming EP Dripps. Busy percussion scurries along the throbbing foundation of the piece to create a rich and suspenseful track that serves as a perfect soundtrack to mental images of alien archaeologists. So, pre-order now for $4 through the Bandcamp link below; Dripps hits reality September 9 on Fire Talk, so scope it before it’s too late!

• Gem Trails: http://gemtrails.bandcamp.com
• Trevor P.: http://trevor-p.tumblr.com/music
• Fire Talk: http://firetalk.tumblr.com

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