♫♪  Gemini Trajectory - Television Sky [album stream]

You’re gonna have to give both sides of this tape a couple of minutes up front, lest you immediately (and wrongfully) allow the words “Neon” and “Indian” to rudely creep into your thoughts and keep you from really exploring the celestial tunnels of Television Sky. So I implore of you, let it be. Have a drink. Blink a few times. Pick your nose. Just give Gemini Trajectory the space and time Gemini Trajectory so absolutely needs and deserves, and soon you’ll find yourself off the couch, pizza boxes magically cleaned up off your coffee table, and instead of staring at an 8-bit video game, you’ll be inside of it. Yeah, Tron-style or something, but better. The intros are like the taxi of the plane just before takeoff — fun mainly in the anxious anticipation of the flight that’s about to come. And quite the ride Television Sky is: through miles of silicon skyway, this thing soars. It’s a night ride, a pitch-black backdrop peeking through beams of Lite-Brite synths. Lightly dance, heavily Kraut, moderately ambient, and 100% dreamy throughout.

I heard a rumor that this may be Gemini Trajectory’s last release. Not sure if the assertion carries much weight or not, but if it is true, you’ll want to get all over this. Stream or download here:

• Gemini Trajectory: http://on.fb.me/LjKb21
• Yucca Mountain: http://yuccamountainrecords.com

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