♫♪  Gene The Southern Child - “Smackman”

You read the song title “Smackman” and you think that this is a tune about dealing and/or using heroin. You would be incorrect. Like “Artillery Splurgin’” before it, this song is about “shooting any fucking thing that moves.”

That’s my quote. Here’s one from Gene The Southern Child: “I’ll tell your ass what you need to know/ I’m hungry and completely broke/ Step on the scene looking mean at folk/ I got a chopper, let it clean the Flo.”

This latest shot of wanton violence by Alabama-based rapper Gene The Southern Child and New Jersey-based producers Parallel Thought comes to us from the trio’s third full-length, Southern Meridian, which is due out July 8 on Williams Street Records, the same cartoonists-turned-tune-thrifts that brought you Killer Mike and El-P’s R.A.P. Music, another North-South hip-hop team-up.

Looking for some more confrontational kumbaya? Then, after you play the lead single below, check out the semi-exclusive Southern Meridian album trailer, featuring Gene in the woods with mad guns, rapping over the “Deep Cover” instrumental.

• Parallel Thought: http://pthought.com
• Adult Swim: http://www.adultswim.com

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