♫♪  Geronimo Getty - “Devil’s Theft”

It’s not like it’s World War III or anything, but still: I found a great Country record, y’all… an almost painfully normal, blues-based, Country rock’n’roll record. I wonder if I’m compromising my weirdo rep by posting this, but there’s no other way to put it, nothing else to call it. Any genre or style of music has its ups and downs, to be certain, and Country might get an especially bad rap because the majority of it that we see and hear in the pop mainstream is so… horrifyingly bad, often racist, religious-gross, etc. But this here, this be a glimmer in the West’s weary eye, a bright, young baritone in the voice of Aaron Kyle, who’s put together a collection of tunes that stands strong as an ox. Borrowing the plaintive melodic charm of the greats and spreading the workload around a solid band willing to buy into his stories enough, Geronimo Getty delivers wilting lap-steel, snare trotting along like a horse’s hooves, all of it translating into a record that’s as easy to listen to as it can be an engaging surprise. I’m remiss to share this “Devil’s Theft” number, as it’s the only one Getty’s giving up for streaming so far, but I gave my ears a peak at the whole album, and the thing holds up, especially the title track — Greyhound Blues seems out to prove that those tired tropes of Country, ballads about the long road of life and lost loves, and on and on, are just as true and relevant now as they always have been. All it takes is another great voice to remind us.

• Geronimo Getty: http://www.geronimogetty.com

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