Maybe I just need to listen to GG Love the rest of my life? This shit is cute as listening to an active damp road on a Sunday morning at 3:48AM. The reflection in a slim wave across pavement. Street lights still lit this yearly. Whether you just awoke or are going to sleep. The couple that wakes and walks to witness the crack of dawn together, everyday. The couple that walks and makes it home in time to black-out their windows for a good rest from the night before. Glittering in a glow. Even if solo.

Lone Hand keeps the vibration pulsating. New single “HEARTBREAKS” by GG Love gets me giddy for summer love with my wife in our 11th year of togetherness. And even if you’re still looking, love is in everything you breathe. Be the change in this world. So if “HEARTBREAKS” ain’t enough, keep coolin w/ ChillTheFrogOut — White Poppy & Kristian North Tour Mix for all the lax visuals, my human:

And you can catch ‘em coolin’ w/ theez d8s, b:
06.06 San Francisco, CA @ ATA Gallery
06.07 Oakland, CA @ House Show
06.08 Berkley, CA @ Dildo Factory
06.09 Los Angeles, CA @ Non Plus Ultra
06.14 Vancouver, BC @ Toast Collective
06.16 Victoria, BC @ Upside Studios

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