♫♪  Ghost Yar - “Blue Blood”

Here it comes again…

Ghost Yar’s “Blue Blood” is the lead track on A Thousand Tones Volume 2, a compilation of non-men artists “from vitalized international communities,” available from Elestial Sound. Volume 1 was a forty-track behemoth double cassette released back at the crack of 2017 (January, to be precise). The follow-up bests Volume 1 by TWO WHOLE TRACKS, because everything’s a competition. Take that, Volume 1.

Everything is NOT a competition, although I’m probably gonna be playing track favorites by the end of this – that’s just what you do with comps. (I’ll save that for another day.) But Ghost Yar’s entry is probably at least as representative of the spirit of the compilation as anything. Twinkling guitar and floating vocals burst into a shoegaze dream of slow-motion fireworks, and from there you can picture the rest of the album: in one direction you have the delicate drift of Teasips, in the other the R&B shimmer of YlangYlang. Wild Anima and Mila Chiral’s ghostly pulse here, Rogue Wavs’ (such a good name) chintzy jam there. And we can’t end without mentioning the consummate Elestial Sound-er herself, Sunmoonstar, whose celestial synthwork is always a treat to dig into.

But “Blue Blood” is the “blue print.” Or blueprint. Kind of. In the end, every single track has its own unique identity, its own footprint on the rest of the compilation. And the culmination of so many exciting voices into one artistic whole should have you totally worked up to snag one of these copies while they’re still available. Then you can jitter impatiently on your barstool while you wait for Volume 3.

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