♫♪  Giorgio Moroder - Theme for Google Chrome “Racer” Game

Following Google’s I/O Conference last week, CNN Money reported that the tech behemoth’s “coolest demo was also its least important.” The demo in question was for a little concoction humbly called “Racer,” a minimalistic car game to be played on any mobile, Chrome-equipped device. CNN’s Adrian Covert goes on to assert that he’s most excited for the technological connectivity the game puts on display. He writes, “What made today’s demo so great is that it offered us a glimpse of the future.” To which I say balderdash. On TMT, this particular sort of site, we’re quick to ascertain that what Covert really should have written is “it offered us a sound of the future.” Because, you understand, this zippy little browser game has had its theme music composed by none other than Giorgio Moroder himself.

If you’re unsure of who Giorgio is, or why you should care, then I simply defer to the robots. Yes, the good old boy’s suddenly having a very good year. But then again, he’s had year upon year of very good years for a while now. It makes the plainest kind of sense why Google would employ this electronic pioneerb — who forded into his career in the land of the autobahn, in the era when synths were the next frontier — to score their game about computerized motor speedways.

Check out the theme in full below. It’s exactly what fast computer cars in a browser called Chrome would want. Nay, my friends: it’s exactly what they need.

• Giorgio Moroder: http://www.moroder.net
• Racer: http://www.chrome.com/racer

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