If Unfriended took the form of a 30’s radio drama and shed its suffocating layer of found-footage kitsch, it might closely resemble the ominous crawl of GIRLS CHAT ROOM’s self-titled debut. Acting as a digital seance of sorts, the record finds the Philadelphian duo summoning spirits of the cybernetic void with a touch screen Ouija board. Each slap-chopped vocal sample is the ghost of your unopened text message, each peal of briny synth a contextually ambiguous emoji — convenient as selectively paced and meticulously worded communication by text may be, there is an inevitable fear of the unknown that must weave itself between blue and green speech balloons. GIRLS CHAT ROOM take it upon themselves to make us conscious of these anxieties, creating their own brand of psychological horror-via-sound, channeling their jittery acid house energy from the rush between a sent message and the serotonin-laced ding of a notification.

Much more terrifying than a hand in a blender or a haunted Skype call.

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