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Have you ever seen that wacked-out Cronenberg movie Dead Ringers? If you have then your quite familiar (unfortunately) with that nightmare scene, where Jeremy Irons’ character dreams that he’s conjoined to his identical twin brother via some freakish, varicose-y mutant umbilical cord, and then his girlfriend, in an attempt to separate them, viciously sinks her teeth into it and almost tears them right apart. It’s nasty stuff.

It’s kind of like this GIVV, NAH project, in that it’s nasty as fuck! A brutal, balls-to-the-wall concoction of filthy, cacophonous beats and straight up grimy-ass MC’ing. I can’t say I’m too familiar with rapper GIVV, but it’s nice to finally hear some ill vocals accompany NAH’s sounds. I’ve been digging his output for a while now, he’s been putting in work for a long-ass time on that solid DIY game.

I am a bit late on this release though [Editor’s Note: you’re good! :)], I only kind of skimmed through it on first listen for some reason, hella stoked that I revisited this bad boy, however. But anyhow, check it out below, and if your heart so desires, you can go on ahead and cop this goodness for absolutely nada.

• NAH: http://nahstuff.bandcamp.com
• Ranch Records: http://ranchrecords.bigcartel.com

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