♫♪  Glochids - “Deaf Accompaniment (Ciarra Black remix)”

On June 22, 2015, muti-instrumentalist Glochids self-released an album of gritty sweet experimental jams called Venutian Formula. On that very same day, Danish label Phinery tandemly released a reissue of Venutian Formula, which included a couple of bonus tracks not on the original. AND NOW they’re both at it again with Venus in Dub, a 13-track reiteration of Venutian performed through a series of guest remixes.

Contributors include 1080p alumni Via App and Perfume Advert, Stefan Jós as D. Hansen, and No-Tech’s Ciarra Black, who recently released her debut album on the dance-party cum label.

Black’s remix of “Deaf Accompaniment” moodifies the original into a perfect puzzle. I may have played Early Tongue’s sunny freaked out translation of “Swiss Stab” almost as many times. Click through the audio player to hear them all.

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