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Rap music’s flirtation with self-deification is not a new phenomenon. Before Kanye West wrote “I Am A God,” Lil B did him one better with “I Am God.” Of course, the usage of the colloquial “God,” as in “Peace, God” or “What up, God?” originates with the Five-Percent Nation, which has at various times counted among its adherents Rakim, Big Daddy Kane, Brand Nubian, Ghostface Killah, Raekwon and many other great MCs. From this list, Rakim clearly stands out as his unsurpassed lyrical supremacy earned him the title, “The God MC.”

However, much like love is love and everything is everything, at the end of the day, God is God.

“But wait, I thought Clapton was God!”

Shut the fuck up, cavebitch.

GOD is the author of such holy words as: “I can’t even take you niggas serious/ You disturbed in the head, you delirious/ I’m a hundred, lil nigga, I’m the pure/ You a disease, motherfucker, I’m the the cure/ Get him out of here, never shed a tear/ Peel off on him, leave him in the rear/ My only competition is looking in the mirror/ And not killing niggas is the only thing I fear” and “I’ve been a savage, I aint never been average/ I’ve got a bad bitch but you know I keep me a ratchet/ I shoot the seven Apache, up the game I be clapping/ Clapping at everything moving, I get a rush from the action/ This aint no movie, these youngins really be busting these uzis/ They don’t know how to read but they be toting them toolies/ I’ve got visions of bitches popping champagne in jacuzzis/ If you don’t like what I’m doing then go ahead try to sue me.”

HE comes from Chicago, the hometown to two of the four or five rappers who managed to make this site’s Favorite 50 Albums of 2013 and two more who probably should’ve made it but didn’t. On Wednesday at 2:00 CST, HE released HIS debut EP Before The Bible, which actually came out after The Bible, HIS debut mixtape, but who’s counting? Stream below, then click over to HIS Youtube Channel to watch the GOD get busy.

• GOD: http://youaintgod.com

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