♫♪  Golden Teacher - “Shatter”

The seasons have gone flexitime.
The Glasgow Summer: underpaid, undervalued. Hours to be notified.
Thawed intermittently, this city hunches its grand colonial shoulders, surveys the scaffolds and cranes of its new bionic limbs, and spits.
Once a ‘miracle’, the warehouses and free-parties seem seized by a similar malaise, not quaking with the heat but tepid, air-conned:
third sector > fourth dimension.

Yet Golden Teacher, all energy, sweat on.

Submerged in the crunching polyrhythms, sounds — videogame swashbuckling, patter at Grace Jones levels of mystery and fever, smashed glass — that are not sampled and stacked upon the beat, but combine to compose it, infecting and ungirding the song’s warped shrug at geography & gender.

“Shatter” is the opening track on Golden Teacher’s new self-released Sauchiehall Enthrall EP, which ships on the 11th August. You can also hear snippets of the three other songs on the EP here and buy it through Rubadub records.

• Golden Teacher: https://soundcloud.com/goldenteacher

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