“Forever Midnight”

When you move them legs that fast, the spray-painted dance floor behind the town grocery store becomes an alter, onlookers drop to they knees, and your gaze freezes in focus: “Forever Midnight.” Goldendust sprinkles down from fingertips and stick to your pours beading sweat and silhouetted against glaring car headlights. And Goldendust shines like a star in the sense of awe. As a statued goddess, but in the quickest motion, you appear poised; your movement is so fast it’s questionably real. Without Wet Hair, your pal Justin Thye dryly, in relentless strive for freshness, lays down that doom-funk melody while walking a spiraling high-hat and hip-swaying kick/snare around the dance floor circle. Onlookers sway and vocals reverberate throughout the back alley. The Iowa City air breezes on past, and the stench of creativity stirs the crowed. The dance circle becomes filled, stretching beyond the point of “Forever Midnight” and into the Goldendust of the morning. DEAL IT (i.e., “Order the Featureless Ghost + Goldendust LP’s together and get $5 off. Email for Sale Orders: NPorders at”)!!!!!

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