♫♪  In Gowan Ring - B’ee’s Pent Pouch

As an American, I’m conditioned by the military industrial complex (Eisenhower warned us and we didn’t listen) to see the shape of the pentagon as a forceful, determined shape. It represents aggression and best interests. So excuse if I view a pentagon-shaped vinyl with a bit of apprehension; as if it wants to invade and occupy my turntable for years relentless, ignoring any forward movement or improvement. And yet In Gowan Ring has thankfully usurped that association. Recorded in a pentagon-shaped tent and housed in a pentagon-shaped felt sleeve, B’ee Pent Pouch is legitimate forest nymphs and post-hippie love-ins within a pentagon-shaped heart deep in the middle of a pentagon-shaped forest. Having missed out of the sort of fairs and fare that occurs on the fringes of loving communities (so depraved, am I), this feels like a calling card to join a merry band of Medieval wanderers as they traverse our land from one convention to another. I’m ready to take that plunge, but can you give me five seconds while I store these instruments of destruction somewhere safe and disassociate from my white American male stigmata?

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