♫♪  Grand Canyon Spring Breaks - “visage”

Hiss plays a major role in the vacuum-sucking nothing but a trick reed burp in the draw of the receding back-riff , a wave ring of f n the distance between the substance of the soul survivor and the drone of the soul suck. Well, survive this sealed clear bag of vitamin max-ers; take the whole mario pill set for a real lon grid e. where dimension is as fla st as aflat box boogie. The impact of vastness is undone by the sameness of nothing. A unique tree, the kind of tree you can only find here in this flat of land, seen over and over.

“Seen one tree, seen them all.”

But the grown-up driver says to the kids, “There is exotic in everything, and everything is exotic. The exotic is amazing. To see it once is something, but to see it over and over again is really something.”

Smashed and defined by the back beat. Thumb and blueberry. We’re living out here, in the dirt and the flat roads with no speed traps where there never was wilderness and never will be. Generations of us, just a few of us at a time, real slow, for a long time.

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