♫♪  Group Therapy - “Poor and Haunted”

Ever wondered what Psychocandy would have sounded like if INXS had made it instead of the JAMC? Me either, but Group Therapy’s new track “Poor and Haunted” proves there might’ve been something to the idea. With crystal clear production on the bass and synths, this sounds like high-budget studio candy, though the idea couldn’t be farther from the truth.

After playing together in Brooklyn’s Ancient Sky before its breakup in 2015, Brian Markham and Pat Broderick drifted toward LA, where they moved away form their psych and noise roots for the drony electro of their self-produced, self-titled LP, out now on Bandcamp and out soon on cassette via wAs.

Keep your eyes open for their spring US tour dates, and use this desert banger stay warm in the meantime. It’ s fucking freezing out there.

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