♫♪  G.S. Schray - Gabriel At The Prewindow

What feels like an entire novel is contained in this composition. Each twenty seconds or so run comparable to a chapter in a book. The narrative builds and diverges with licks of electric guitar, sounds of heavy-handed piano, eerie vocalists humming vague scales, and other interstitial audio details that flesh out these main sonic characters.

G.S.Schray’s is a romantic universe where inexplicable events can and must occur. Purple sunsets. Orange bread. Brains, like ears, shocked into blooming. After really easing into the wistful pace of this piece, we think, what way will a sunflower turn surrounded by millions of suns? What is a word for a state without foreground and background? Sublimity. A hole in milk we poke our tongues through.

Find “Gabriel at the Prewindow” on the LP First Appearance out now on Last Resort.

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