♫♪  Gucci Mane - Diary of a Trap God

In case you haven’t been following Radric “Gucci Mane” Davis’ career lately (shame on you, seriously), allow me catch you up to speed. Within weeks of releasing a three-part mixtape chock-full of 1017 Bricksquad features, the artist briefly known as Guwop publicly disbanded his crew via Twitter, then used the social networking platform to launch a two-day tirade targeting not only his past associates, but also basically everybody in the world. A war ensued — a world war, one might say. (Read: Gucci claimed to have had sex with a bunch of famous pop stars and in turn was told he needed to go to rehab.) Unfortunately, Gucci’s Twitter account did not survive the melee. However, with its dying breaths, the rapper-cum-actor managed to…

“Claim his account had been hacked?”


“Apologize for his rant?”


“Describe Nicki Minaj’s plastic posterior one last time?”


“Well, what then?!”

He announced the release of yet another mixtape, this one titled Diary of a Trap God. That’s right: Gucci Mane isn’t just a mane. Gucci is God (how’s that for a t-shirt?!) and he kept a diary (so who needs Twitter anyway?!).

Gucci Mane: 1
• Terrorism: 0

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