♫♪  Guenter Schlienz - Peace

Golly, it’s been a couple months now since August 22, when Guenter Schlienz released Peace on Halifax’s Rural Colors. On it he channels grand human emotions as he explores “themes of tenderness, alienation and homecoming.” Utilizing his ever-present modular synthesizers, Schlienz cascades sonic fractals out from his heart and into the great unknown, the soundwaves intended to penetrate the collective human psyche and adjust outlooks to “positive.” Let’s see how he did by checking the ol’ Facebook feed — wonder what happened throughout the world in the interim?

Hmm… not looking too good here… hurricanes, saber rattling at the highest levels of leadership, overt racism, protests, counterprotests, sexual harassment/assault, church shootings, trucks used as weapons… and that’s just in the United States. Sorry to bum you out, gang, but this is Exhibit A as to why I go months between FB scrolls. Head in the sand, I guess.

Guenter: it seems like you might have your work cut out for you. Changing hearts isn’t easy, but Peace is as good a place to start as any, so let’s broadcast it loud and clear.

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