♫♪  Günter Schlienz - “Spaces”

Here we go, another ace cassette of tripped out, meditative synth voyages courtesy of Günter Schlienz. “Spaces,” the first taste off of Liederbuch, coming at you via Japan’s ever dank Muzan Editions imprint, is one for the heads and the newcomers alike. If you’re feeling like you need to pop a cinnamon candy and mellow out, what better soundtrack could you ask for? Crazy enough, but the cassettes are already sold out (JK there is a second batch now available), but you can snag on digital too!!! People are buying what Muzan is selling, and when it’s this dope, can you blame them? Stream “Spaces” now, and pick up the whole digital package today, so next weekend can be a reel chill time, ya feel me? [Editor’s Note: seriously, reach out and feel him]:

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