♫♪  Gut Nose - “Inside the Banker Compound”

“To all those who lead monotonous lives in the hope that they experience at second hand the delights and dangers of adventure.” -Agatha Christie

Let Gut Nose take u there.

The steam is coming through the manholes, the neon lights cut through to the damp pavement. The nights are starting to get hot again, this summer will be less of a chill-fest and more of a deliberate attack on the winter that just passed. It might have a tone of aggression, even violence, but it’ll be coming from a place of our own strength rather than fear.

One can’t also help but predict a summer of generalized drug usage the likes of which hasn’t been seen since the second summer of love. But drugs can only get you so far - to really set off the party you need Gut Nose’s “Inside the Banker Compound.” The very sound of late capitalist dystopia, set to an unrelenting hi-NRG thud and itself quite likely created in the haze of one bump too many of Bossa Nova coke, this track will undoubtedly contribute to the further erosion of the nasal cavities of impressionable New York City youths (in the best way possible).

Like everything, the fuckedness is in direct correlation to the funness. The trees being blown by the wind, the can rolling back and forth on the pavement, the sirens in the distance, the cawing birds, the screaming child and the plane overhead - all the sounds of the city, thrown together by random chance. But is it just random chance… or does the city soundscape have a life of its own?

• Gut Nose: http://gutnose.bandcamp.com

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