♫♪  Hairbone - “D.O.A. at the B.O.A.” / “Earth To Momma”

As one of the few tools left with which to fight The Man, culture jamming is a boon. It gets us, the populous, out of preconceived ways of thinking. Establishments of power are taken down a peg as we reconsider their enabling structures.

And hey: Culture jamming is also just a really good way to poke fun at brands.

Art trio Hairbone (formerly Hairbo) has honed its fanatical art performances for nearly a decade, now emerging to bring the distortion right into the listening environment of your choice. The hydra of Raúl de Nieves, Jessie Stead, and Nathan Whipple take aim at some of America’s most beloved institutions, bursting at the seams with not one but two videos lambasting (among others) Fox News, Bank of America, and even the 911 emergency hotline. Both videos directed by Jessie Stead.

Their first LP, Earth to Momma, is out now on Blank Forms. Watch the videos below.

“D.O.A. at the B.O.A.”:

“Earth To Momma”:

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