♫♪  Hannah Diamond - “Pink and Blue (Guy Akimoto Edit)”

Hello, 2015! Will this be the year of DIY PC Music? MANICURE RECORDS affiliate Guy Akimoto takes Helix’s infamous “Drum Track” and lays some vocals over it: someone yelling just some of the lyrics to “Pink and Blue”. This might be the first time that Night Slugs and PC Music have been married. Both labels are known for their precision and their intersections and experimentations with club and pop music, yet they lie on opposite sides of the spectrum. Putting them together brings out their rawness rather than their virtuosity, so the final product is emotional rather than dulled. It’s nice to see Night Slugs not take itself so seriously, and PC Music present fuzzier, messier sounds. It feels like a punk “Pink and Blue” with a repetitive beat would be a terrible idea in theory, and maybe it is, but now it exists in the world and you know you’re going to listen to it!

• Guy Akimoto: https://soundcloud.com/guyakimoto
• MANICURE RECORDS: https://soundcloud.com/manicure-records

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