♫♪  Hartmut Geerken - “Bandura #1”

If I were you, I’d be extremely wary of lending anything to Hartmut Geerken. In Egypt in 1971, Sun Ra left his Sun Harp with Hartmut before returning back to the United States. Its status at the time was legendary: a construction of strings and wood bearing resemblance to the Ukrainian Bandura, an instrument that looks something like this and is played something like this.

Sure, it was given as a deposit to guarantee a loan that was never repaid — the onus was most certainly on Sun Ra to retrieve the item. But even so, Hartmut is pushing the boundaries of respect as he feverishly claws at his museum piece in a way that makes this guy seem fairly horizontal. Having said this, I’d much rather it was in his wild hands than behind glass, man.

• Hartmut Geerken: http://www.hartmutgeerken.de
• Holidays Records: http://www.holidaysrecords.it

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