♫♪  Heat Wave - “RYDE”

Monday night at the veterinarian, I get a chat-message on my phone from Alex Gray (Deep Magic, Heat Wave) with a link to his latest mix, Fukd in tha Game. #WHOOOOOAAAAA! Freezing on my Tuesday morning commute, I roasted these new traxx and thaw’d. If you want an end-all, “okay I’ll tighten my car speaker screws” jam, “RYDE” is where it’s at. I rattled all the way to work, and it was worth it. 2012 is starting out with some mad deep mixes. Monday was Leaving Records’ Smoke Hustle Mix by Matthewdavid. Wednesday was totes a RE: of Fukd in tha Game. And tomorrow is a mix from the Cruise Family fella! Excitement ensues. So, yo Fukd in tha Game is out on Heat Rave meow in CD format, and it comes with a poster! *hothothothothot*

• Heat Rave: http://heatrave.com
• Deep Tapes: http://deeptapes.com

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