♫♪  HECHA / 做 & Bergsonist - Collection Exhibition 01 / “Killed By Earth”

To want to go slow. A like, a need. Intentionality spreading like paint on a wall brushed there hand after hand. Paint fanned onto cloth. Each streak raised to a personal surface. Art to live through, dream to, to seek. To dress as if an outfit takes weeks.

New York-based slow fashion brand HECHA / 做 makes precious, multi-purpose garments that holistically manifest their ethos toward all bodies. Bodies necessarily need to experience time and endless space on their own terms. Bodies demand the need to move freely and fluidly across situations and contexts. Towards this, HECHA / 做 merges a couture sensibility with ethical production practices to create gender-fluid garments designed to adapt to the varied, sometimes discordant circumstances we find ourselves navigating each and every day. Especially in cities. From errands to parties.

As a part of their just-released debut collection, the brand produced an elegant, behind-the-scenes video soundtracked by Bergsonist. Bergsonist’s track, titled “Killed By Earth,” works within this framework of distinct situational mashups by concurrently letting breathe and letting merge a few carefully chosen parts. A bleeping, dial-tone-like synth line fields messages and calls across communicative modes. Warm chords swathe one in the feeling of soft, safe, unobtrusive fabrics. A handful of bits, experienced, untethered, but not forgotten resolve into a forceful drumline encouraging the beautiful, unconstrained movement that all of the video’s participants live out. Active and activated. Prudent potentials.

Please head here to learn more about HECHA / 做 and to follow a link to a private stream of the full version of “Killed By Earth”.

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