♫♪  HELLCOM - Energy111

At one window or the other, darkly, rapt before the sky.

Dissolving into a single space, an inner wall of instant whiteness, and gaining light, gobbling it into a void-like calm.

Motionless, it droops, gently, gently.

Magnetic foliage: an architecture contaminated by delirium, of past moments.

Never a body unalone but instead bodies that divide, regions of wetness or dryness, bodies segmented, pieces of furniture in a room of sudden bifurcations, disintegrations, fusions, dismemberments, coagulations, ramifications.

The same self, but always another self.

A mosque, a palace, no, a cloud, two clouds, with separate entrances, and rats as big as elephants.

Threads knotted together, tangled in a skein of enigmas.

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