♫♪  Hendrix Blue Coin -

Nice pictures, huh?

Japanese label Ukiuki Atama doesn’t fuck around. In fact, they straight up bring the goods, no matter the weather. Filled with bonkers sound-pieces that bring to mind both cartoons and ballrooms, their catalog is a lil peak into the malleable world of INTERNET MUSIC.

Keeping in line with that tradition, their latest drop, Hendrix Blue Coin’s III, flies up and down the virtual earth, snagging bits and bites of the aural, sensory ON_LINE experience. Not to claim grandiose, but clam grand O’s, ya know? Think of it as shiny shimmery long timed pink reflections parlaying ripples into echos and head scratches into smiles. Think bubbles shooting out of track pants.

While it’s true all physical copies are sold out from the label, you can still grip on that digi tip:

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