♫♪  Henry Canyons - “Special Blend” (feat. Homeboy Sandman & Zoe Rose Palladino)

Some of my favorite lyrical content is when a vocalist repeats phrases in the verse/chorus, keeps the melody same, but changes the words slightly enough to reflect/answer/respond/correct/[etc.] what was previously mentioned. And I’m extremely particular in regard to who narrates my thoughts with lyrical content.

Henry Canyons’ newest bit “Special Blend” (feat. Homeboy Sandman & Zoe Rose Palladino) fucks with some mad switch-up lyrics, and makes me eyes go in two opposite directions of joy. Add the steadiest beat that’s bongo’d with snare and high-hat call-and-response, with a bass-line that strolls to no-end, and a muted trumpet spittin’ just as much as the vocalists: this is the recipe for delicious nods that are nearly non-stop. “Special Blend” is a repeat-head’s nirvana.

Henry Canyons flow as if the trio the Fugees were embodied in one person. Zoe Rose Palladino setting the vibe from the very start, keeping a strong chorus throughout. Homeboy Sandman dropping them Starbucks race-relation tips anachronistically. If “Special Blend” has anything to say about Canyons’ new release Cool Side of the Pillow on Backwoodz Studioz, we can expect 2018 to continue to rain diamonds in all our ears.

Side-Note from Sammy D

Homeboy Sandman has put out a ton of records (a bunch on Stones Throw), including three with Aesop Rock. Henry Canyons has been putting out stuff with billy woods’ label Backwoodz Studioz for a minute, including most recently, an EP he completed while an artist-in-residence somewhere in France. He’s a bilingual French-American Jew. This is the first single off his upcoming album, Cool Side of the Pillow, on Backwoodz.

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