♫♪  Henry Moonchild - “I’m Fucked Up”

We’re done playing games in 2018. These dusty old-heads dropping these glorified REskins of old work. Nah nah no. We’re done playing games in 2018. One day, two days max: let’s get this music out there. If you can’t make a track in under a week, then don’t make it all. No-no-no more features from these $5,000-a-verse “artists,” only the best now. We only employ the best musicians, and the best work fast. Damn, I did the heavy lifting in a day, if they’re taking any longer than that to a remix — god — get off my track. They don’t deserve to be on my cut.

We’re fucked up, baby. Got the whole got-damn gang here, remixing, hitting, and it don’t even sound like the same track. You hear me? We’re talking HKE. We’re talking Halo Acid. We’re talking Pure Violence. Real fast. I’m talking two-to-three days back. Two days. You hear that? Two. Days. Get out of here with the album cycle; this is a new era. Make shit up, put it out. Get on with your life. Who’s got time for a press release, hear?

Stream “I’m Fucked Up” by Henry Moonchild below via Dream Catalogue.

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