♫♪  Her Records - Her Records Volume 4

Imagine: it’s a late night somewhere in London, you’re enjoying a night out at the club with some mates. As bodies flail on the dancefloor, there you are, in the moment, and you’re hit with that “by God, what is this music?” feeling. You won’t remember the song in the morning, but hey, the ephemerality makes it even sweeter. Everyone’s present, nothing exists but bodies moving to grimy, hard-hitting vibrations. Maybe I’m romanticizing the whole clubbing thing here, but hey, maybe your imagination will conjure something similar when you listen to Her Records Vol. 4, the fourth compilation release from the South London label founded by Sudanim and MM back in 2012. It features tracks from everyone on Her Records as well as guests Dinamarca (co-founder of Staycore) and Soda Plains.

Stream the compilation below, download here.

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