♫♪  Hermóðr - Midnight Eclipse

On the night of the full wolf moon, January 1st, Hermóðr released his latest effort Midnight Eclipse. The title track establishes its allure through the ominous and the grim. A xylophone and eerie synth strings set you at unease, turning the dial to creepy from the outset. Before long a high-pitched guitar lead slices through the frightful reverie, and subsequent riffs on the high end provide the hooks that anchor this beautiful, yet bleak track.

In the vein of Amesoeurs, Hermóðr taps into the cold rock and depressive black metal end of the spectrum. By progressively layering guitars, Hermóðr builds an impenetrable castle of reverberated, fuzzed-out noise. It becomes a tableau so saturated that drums are barely distinguishable from the underlying melody of the strings, awash in frosty chorus and milky distortion. Raw shredding drives this song, establishing more of the rhythm than the drums. Underneath, an invidious growl provides the consummate compliment to the sweeping hooks, which will remain in the brain long after the eclipse has passed.

The last minute of the song witnesses the return of the xylophone and the unification of all elements. Like celestial bodies in a syzygy, all instruments align in a crescendoed flourish of elegance. Hermóðr transitions from the gritty and grating to the exultant and ineffable. For a brief moment, it is a total sonic eclipse.

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